Endoscopy Solutions

With increased concern regarding the contamination of reusable endoscope accessories and the inability to adequately decontaminate and sterilise these items, our global partner “Partners for Endoscopy” has developed an extensive range of disposable irrigation tubing sets and valve sets to eliminate potential for cross contamination. With patient safety at the forefront, our endoscopy consumable range equips your department with the utmost confidence and assurance that your department is providing the highest level of care for each patient.

Single Use, Endoscope Valve Sets

Eliminate the 30 steps involved in decontaminating Air/Water, Suction & Biopsy valves by using our sterile, single use solution.

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Disposable Tubing Sets

For use with Olympus®, Pentax® & Fujinon®, our disposable tubing sets address all needs pertaining to sterile, disposable Air/Water tubing, Auxiliary Irrigation tubing and Auxiliary Water Jet valves.

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Cleaning Chemistries

Offering a superior quality range of bedside cleaning kits and manual cleaning chemistries, our British manufacturing partners have developed sound, cost effective solutions for your department.

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Routine Monitoring

Our routine monitoring products equip you with the tools for protein residue testing in between departmental and standards requirements for monthly and quarterly microbiological testing.

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