PRO-SHIELD SMMS Polypropylene Sterilisation Wrap

SMMS Polypropylene Sterilisation Wrap


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SMMS Polypropylene Sterilisation Wrap
Proline Medical’s SMMS Polypropylene Sterilisation Wrap is a high quality medical packaging material is the essential component for a medical device packaging system; allowing sterilisation, providing physical protection and maintenance of sterility until aseptic opening of the sterilised instrument tray. Our sterilisation wrap complies with AS1079-5:3003 and EN868-2.

Variety of Choice
• Extensive range of weights and sizes to ensure suitable protection for medical devices.
• Two wrap configurations available: single layer and double bonded for simultaneous wrapping of instrument trays. Double bonded wraps have one layer of blue wrap bonded with one layer of white wrap for improved visibility and ability to differentiate sterilised loan packs from general hospital instrumentation.
• Three weights (grammages) available: Standard, Heavy Duty and Ultra Heavy Duty.

Superior Fabric Strength
• Strong resistance to punctures and tears.
• Supports the integrity of the medical device packaging system.
• Excellent drapeability.
• Soft textile-like feel and pliability.

Quality Assurance
• Extensive QA product testing and process and ISO9001:2015 compliant manufacturer.

PRO-SHIELD SMMS complies with:
• ISO 11607
• AS/NZS4187:2014
• AS1079-5:3003
• EN868-2