Amity Chemistry: unrivaled performance surpassing industry standards.

Amity is a speciality chemical manufacturer located in the United Kingdom and the USA with an excellent reputation for product innovation in the healthcare, food and industrial sectors. In recent years, Amity has focused on the development of alternative products purpose designed to overcome the environmental and safety restrictions which now confront the old ‘traditional’ products.

Amity International is a manufacturer of Disinfectant Wipes, Hospital Disinfectant, Antiseptics, Surface Cleaners, Antibacterial Wipes, Solvent Cleaners, Aqueous Cleaners & Semi-Aqueous Cleaning Chemicals.


Amity Chemistry

Infection control, endoscopy and sterile services: unrivaled performance surpassing industry standards.

Before entering the healthcare market, we wanted to make sure our range of products surpassed not only our standards but also the standards expected by all areas of healthcare.

The new range of CSSD detergents and enzymes offer superior cleaning power without damaging delicate instruments and devices. The formulation of these concentrated products allows less product to be used and ensures that cost savings are made.

Medical – Sterile Services

Manufacturing a full range of enzymatic, neutral and alkaline detergents with added neutral and acidic rinse aids for both manual and automated reprocessing. We also have the best results of any manufacturer when tested to the new Pro-Reveal Test standard.

Pro Reveal Test has been shown to detect as little as 50ng of protein on reprocessed surgical instruments. This makes this the most sensitive detection method currently available for a decontamination environment.

Medical – Infection Control

It is the aim of Amity’s Infection Control Products to help Infection Control Staff to maintain an effective program for preventing hospital-acquired infections and the containment of infections brought into the hospitals by patients, staff or visitors.

Medical – Endoscopy

Manufacturing enzymatic detergents that are effective, safe and economical in use for both manual and automated cleaning of flexible endoscopes.

Manufacturing disinfectants that are:

  • Tested to EN 15883, CfPP 01-6, HTM 2030
  • Compatible with endoscopes, accessories and endoscope reprocessors.
  • Non-irritant and safe for users.
  • Environmentally friendly for disposal.