Lead Free Strate-Line® Biege Autoclave Indicator Tape

Our Strate-Line® Autoclave Indicator Tape is a tool for immediate identification of steam processed items while ensuring the security of sterile packs.

  • Distinguish between processed and unprocessed sterilization packages
  • Strong crepe-embossed, latex-free tape
  • Distinct white to black colour change after exposure to steam
  • For use in securing wrapped surgical trays before, during, and after sterilization


Strate-Line® pressure-sensitive sterilization tape is used to distinguish between processed and unprocessed items.

Strate-Line® new features LEAD FREE indicator ink.

Strate-Line® white stripes turn to black after exposure to a steam sterilization cycle.

Strate-Line’s® strong adhesive and even coating allows for even dispensing and ease of application. Specifically formulated universal adhesive provides secure bonding with fabric and non-woven wraps, paper, metal and glass, yet provides easy removal without traces of residue.

AAMI/ISO 11140-1 Type 1 Compliant

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Lead Free Strate-Line® Biege Autoclave Indicator Tape