Once-A-Day® Ecos™ Bowie and Dick

Bowie & Dick type test for pre-vacuum steam sterilizers
Complies with ISO 11140-1:2006, CLASS 2; ISO 11140-4:2007; (EN 867-4:2001) 134º – 137ºC up to 3.5 min, Type 2


Once-A-Day® Ecos™ test pack is a lead free, heavy metal free, and toxic metal free Bowie and Dick test pack that meets the stringent requirements stated in both ISO 11140-1:2014 and ISO 11140-4:2007. Once-A-Day® Ecos™ is classified as a Type 2 chemical indicator and evaluates the effectiveness of air removal during the pre-vacuum phase of steam sterilization cycles.

By complying with ISO 11140-4, Once-A-Day® Ecos™ is proven to be equivalent to the standard towel test pack as described in Annex K of ISO 11140-4. Once-A-Day® Ecos™ makes use of one of the latest advances in chemical indicators: Blu™ ink technology. The innovative Blu™ ink technology is metal free, completely non-hazardous and is sensitive to non-condensable gases, insufficient exposure temperatures, and wet steam. The test pack is placed in the most difficult to sterilization location and run in a sterilization cycle of up to 3.7 minutes at temperatures in the range of 134ºC to 137ºC.

Complies with ISO 11140-1:2014, Type 2
Complies with ISO 11140-4:2007

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Once-A-Day® Ecos™ Bowie and Dick