PLASMA-CHEXTM Vaporized Peroxide Indicator Tape

Vaporized peroxide indicator tape is a Class 1 process indicator for VH202 sterilization with and without Plasma phase.


Our Plasma-ChexTM vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VH202) tape meets all of the ISO 11140-1 requirements 1 for Type 1 chemical indicators, and is designed for use in Sterrad, Steris V-Pro and other vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizers with or without plasma phase. The Plasma-ChexTM tape is self-adhesive, and except for the core, is completely free of cellulose based material. It does not use a release liner. The tape is also user-friendly because it is hand tear-able and hospital personnel does not need to use scissors to cut it. The tape does not have a serrated edge, which is desirable as a serrated edge reduce strength of tape and may tear more easily during routine handling of assembled packs or storage.

The Plasma-ChexTM tape consists of a blue/purple reactive ink printed on a plastic substrate with a pressure sensitive adhesive. The reactive ink is permanent, will not bleed, and will change color to pink or red after exposure to vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization cycles with or without plasma phase.

Plasma-ChexTM (VH202) tape meets the requirements of ISO 11140-1:2014.

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PLASMA-CHEXTM Vaporized Peroxide Indicator Tape