Pro-Expose Protein Tests

Protein test for testing endoscope channels, flat surfaces, small cavities, hinges and non-lumen instruments.

  • Pro-Expose Protein Test Short
  • Pro-Expose Protein Test Long lumen/endoscope protein detection test



Pro-Expose Protein Tests

The Propper Long Lumen Protein Detection Test is a simple check designed to detect residual proteins inside channels of rigid and flexible endoscopes and other potentially contaminated lumen instruments by means of a color change in the test solution.

This protein test utilizes a simple dye-binding method for protein detection that results in a clear color change when protein is present. The solution is a brown to brown-red color when no protein is present; the solution turns to a blue color when a protein is present. The test yields semi-quantitative results: the higher the concentration of protein present in the solution, the darker and more saturated blue color appears in the test vials. The test is sensitive to 1μg of protein, yields results within 5 seconds at room temperature, and does not require incubation. The test utilizes 2.5-meter long and 2.8 mm diameter swab.

In addition to yielding fast results with great sensitivity, this protein test is easy to perform. The user can moisturize the swab with de-ionized water. If the channel is wet, there is no need to moisturize the swab. Insert the swab into the channel of endoscope. Please consider diameter of the channel. If the diameter of the channel is too small, don’t use this swab (there are other diameters available). Remove the swab. Swirl it in the reagent solution for 5 seconds. Observe for any color change. Test performance can be verified with enclosed positive control strips containing proteins.

Pro-Expose Protein Test Short

  • Short swab holder version – for collection of material from flat surfaces, small cavities, hinges and non-lumen instruments.
  • For better assurance instruments to be tested for residual proteins after every wash cycle, preferably when surfaces are still wet.
  • No incubation time (color change is visible within 5 sec at room temperature)
  • Easy to interpret color change

Pro-Expose Protein Test Long lumen/endoscope protein detection test

  • For testing endoscope channels or other lumen instruments after reprocessing
  • Available swab diameters: 1.9 mm, 2.8 mm, 3.7 mm
  • Length: 2.5 meters
  • Result: in 5 seconds, no incubation is needed

Conformance – AAMI/ST79, ISO 15883, HTM2030