Washer Disinfector Test Soil

Washer Disinfector Test Soil is an essential part in your cleaning efficacy protocol, designed to mimic soiling on medical devices.


Our Washer Disinfector Test Soil provides a simple way to determine the cleaning efficacy of washer disinfectors. It can be used for validation of equipment performance, or cycle parameters necessary to clean complex instruments. The test soil powder is provided in individual jars for ease of use. The black coloring of the test soil, through the addition of the provided black ink, makes it easy to determine visually whether the tested surfaces are properly cleaned.

Our Washer Disinfector Test Soil is a user-friendly product. Simply add water to the fill line, add 7-8 drops of the provided black ink in the dispenser bottle, and stir with wooden sticks to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste liberally to the test piece with the brush provided. Recommended thickness should be up to 2mm. Allow to dry for 30-60 minutes at room temperature. After the drying period, subject the soiled test piece to washer disinfector procedures, and inspect for any residual soil.

The test soil is a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates, small amount of lipids and other substances that represents organic contamination of medical instruments. The test soil powder does not have any blood or human body derivatives, therefore there in is no potential contamination with human infection agents.

Our Washer Disinfector Test Soil conforms to the requirements of ISO15883-5: “Test soils and methods for demonstrating cleaning efficacy.”

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Washer Disinfector Test Soil