A neutral low-foaming detergent for washer disinfectors & manual cleaning applications


Virudet® N is for use in washer disinfectors, other automated decontamination systems and manual cleaning. It is a neutral, concentrated detergent with a wide material compatibility which gently removes blood, proteins, mucus and tissue residues.

This chemistry has been specially developed for the gentle cleaning of delicate surgical instruments, utensils, anaesthesia and endoscope material, allowing simultaneous reprocessing of instruments made of different materials. It has optimal cleaning performance at temperatures of 55-65⁰C but for endoscopes temperature should not exceed 55⁰C and can be used for the following: stainless steel instruments (scalpels, tweezers etc.), articulated instruments (scissors, clamps etc.), ward utensils (bowls, feeding bottles etc.), anaesthesia utensils (breathing balloons, tubes etc.), shoes of the surgical team, transport containers made of stainless steel as well as aluminium and endoscopes.


  • Neutral low-foam detergent cleaner.
  • Suitable for removal of contaminants from sensitive instrument materials.
  • Uses a blend of complexing and sequestering agents, detergents and corrosion inhibitors that are effective in hard and soft water areas.
  • Reduced instrument damage and repair.
  • Excellent material compatibility.
  • Non-fixative.
  • Prevents re-deposition of contaminants and water mark staining.
  • Non-corrosive, will not damage delicate coatings.
  • Cost effective.
  • Can be used with tap water (saves DI/RO water cost).
  • Can be used without neutralizer.
  • Good cleaning power even at low dosage.


Virudet N

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