Protolytic Five-Enzyme Biological Cleaner with Biofilm Removal



Viruzyme V is a protolytic five enzymatic detergent with biofilm removal claim for use in manual and automated cleaning applications.

It is a neutral enzymatic detergent formulated to wash instruments that may be damaged by highly alkaline chemistries. It provides superior cleaning action without foaming or causing corrosion on instruments or washer/disinfectors and has a wide material compatibility. It is compatible with stainless steel, aluminium, anodised aluminium, chromium-plated material, synthetic materials, rubber, latex, glass and ceramics.

Viruzyme V is particularly effective for the removal of protein and organic contaminants from sensitive surfaces, including dried on blood and tissue.

Viruzyme V is registered as a Class I Medical Device


• Biological cleaner suitable for removal of proteinaceous and organic contaminants from sensitive instrument materials        • Low foaming
• Suitable for manual, ultrasonic, washer/disinfector & AER equipment
• Uses a blend of five enzymes, protease, amylase, cellulase and mannanase and synergistic surfactants that have added safety
• Low toxicity
• Pleasant odour
• Reduced instrument damage and repair
• Excellent material compatibility
• Non-fixative
• Non-corrosive, will not damage delicate coatings
• Highly effective cleaner action

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