Proline Medical has been working towards establishing the manufacturing of medical consumable products in Australia for the past two years.  This will complement our established range of imported medical consumables from around the world.  For Proline Medical, the COVID-19 pandemic has not only identified a shortfall of quality locally made products, but rather confirmed it.

A major issue identified by the healthcare market has been the inconsistencies in the quality of products from key manufacturing nations.  Medical products require stringent testing, certification and registration to be suitable in any facet of the healthcare system.  By manufacturing locally, Proline Medical will output these products to the highest standards and meet all the necessary requirements, consistently.

We are happy to announce that 2022 will see the opening of our manufacturing facility located in Queensland, Australia.  To start with, the main focus will be the production of medical sterilisation wraps.  Two years of stringent testing, clinical trials and research have provided the necessary feedback to ensure we can produce a standard compliant, cost effective market leading product.

More information coming soon.


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