Decontamination & Sterilisation

Proline Medical is partnered with market leaders in the Decontamination and Sterilisation space to provide comprehensive, superior quality consumables for your facility. We pride ourselves on our carefully curated range of chemistries, sterilisation laminates and wraps, routine monitoring devices and cleaning accessories for the Australian and New Zealand market.

Cleaning Chemistries

Proline Medical is proud to be partnered with Amity, a speciality chemical manufacturer located in the UK and USA with an excellent reputation for product innovation in the healthcare, food and industrial sectors. Amity manufacture over 2000 different chemicals for a variety of applications, over many different sectors. Proline Medical offers Amity’s range of cleaning and disinfection chemistries across Australia and New Zealand.

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Sterilisation Laminates

Proline Medical’s range of sterilisation laminates are manufactured exclusively by Italy based biomedical company, Medifit S.r.l. The company specialises in the manufacturing of medical packaging for sterilisation and controls for sterilisation. Proline Medical is proud to be partnered with Medifit S.r.l for our laminate packaging which delivers superior quality to the Australian and New Zealand market.

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Sterilisation SMS Polypropylene Wrap

Proline Medical is proud to offer our exclusively designed sterilisation SMS polypropylene wrap, Pro-Shield. Offering high quality and versatile protection for your sterilised instrument trays with an extensive range of both single layer and double bonded wrap variations in Standard, Heavy Duty to Ultra Heavy Duty grammage.

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Routine Monitoring

Proline Medical is proudly partnered with Propper Manufacturing Company Inc. established since 1935 in the USA for our extensive range of routine monitoring and quality assurance solutions for decontamination and sterilisation to the Australian and New Zealand market.

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Decontamination Accessories

Proline Medical proudly offers HEGA-Medical air/water cleaning guns and apparatus into the Australian and New Zealand market. This high quality range of cleaning accessories is German manufactured with the highest quality stainless steel and is the only available product in the market which has been designed to be dismantled for decontamination and steam sterilisation.

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CSSD Labels & Tracking Solutions

Proline Medical has partnered with local Australian manufacturer’s to deliver a range of specialist labels for the healthcare industry including pharmaceutical and clinical labels and tracking systems.

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