Proline Medical prioritise customer service and ongoing education beyond the sale, ensuring Australian healthcare facilities continue to benefit from our extensive industry knowledge and product offering now and into the future.

For Central Sterilising and Endoscopy Departments, Proline Medical offers a superior annual Performance Qualification service for all brands of reprocessing and sterilisation equipment in accordance with the AS/NZ 4187:2014 and relevant ISO Standards and provides ongoing staff education post validation on all topics pertaining to Decontamination and Sterilisation.

Decontamination & Sterilisation

Specialising in decontamination and sterilisation of reusable medical devices, Proline Medical distributes a superior range of products to Australian healthcare facilities including Cleaning and Disinfection Chemistries, Sterilisation Laminates and SMS Wrap, Quality Assurance consumables for routine decontamination and sterilisation monitoring and Air/Water Cleaning Guns.

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Endoscopy Solutions

Providing high quality, cost-effective disposable solutions for endoscopy departments, our aim is to provide customers with superior ongoing support, service and education calling on our extensive industry knowledge and experience. Our range includes disposable Air/Water tubing sets with and without C02, C02 Insufflator sets, Auxiliary Water Jet tubing sets, single use Auxiliary Water Jet Adaptors and single use Air/Water, Suction & Biospy valve sets.

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Clinical Protective Apparel

In conjunction with our global partners, Proline Medical have developed a range of superior quality, cost-effective clinical protective apparel. Our range addresses requirements for most clinical settings including Decontamination, Oral Health, Endoscopy, Medical Imaging and general patient wear.

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Partnering With The Best

Proline Medical, supplying superior quality decontamination, sterilisation and endoscopy consumable products to hospital and dental facilities across Australia and New Zealand.

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