Biopsy Flow Adapter – Olympus®

The Biopsy Flow Adapter for Olympus® endoscopes has been designed to as a disposable device to replace the reusable Olympus® biopsy adapter during the manual pre-clean.  This can only take place in the room where aspiration is available and satisfies the pre-requisite for all channels to be flushed during the pre-clean.

With our Biopsy Flow Adapter, the cost effectiveness of the device means you can single use it or dispose it after the list is over.  You can now comply with all guidance without the cross-contamination headache.


  • Single / daily use minimises risk of cross infection.
  • Specifically designed and tested to provide an excellent fit to an Olympus® channel port.
  • Ergonomically designed to provide grip while attaching to scope port.


Biopsy Flow is a disposable cleaning adapter to aid with Olympus® endoscope flushing during the pre-cleaning process.

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Biopsy Flow Adapter - Olympus®